About Us

Interview with Julie Alongi

Rosepetals is a not for profit organization dedicated to the families of children facing catastrophic illness.  Seventy percent of our children are terminally ill and range between the age of 6 months and 10 years old. Thirty percent of our children are autistic or emotionally delayed. Time and money are donated to give unique care, toys and parties for the children as well as support to the parents who may not be able to afford rent, food, clothing and overwhelming medical expenses.  Many of our children have brothers and sisters and come from single parent homes. When parents are faced with mounting household, medical or even funeral expenses, Rosepetals is there to assist.  No parent ought to be forced to choose between food and the appropriate care for their precious child.

The ultimate goal of Rosepetals is to create centers of support, with counseling for parents and their dying children to help them walk together through the inevitable with dignity and peace.

Rosepetals' only purpose is to serve and nurture dying children and their parents.

* * *

The idea of Rosepetals arose shortly after 1975 when a 22 year old Julie Alongi was challenged by two episodes of cancer that changed her life forever.  Julie faced and overcame a critical stage 4 ovarian cancer.  She received 13 months of chemotherapy and radiation.

Cured of cancer, Julie was to face yet another frightening obstacle when a very young family member became stricken with leukemia. She quickly discovered  exactly how difficult it was to care for a special child day by day with little or no extra help.  Julie emerged from the experience not only a survivor but as someone totally determined to support those with similar needs.  It was Julie's very own journey of survival that inspired the creation of Rosepetals.  She went on to study and received a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Psychology and subsequently a Master's Degree in Bereavement Counseling from William Paterson College in 1977.  In 1979 Julie began formal hospice training at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York under the tutelage of Ms. Daisy Walker RN. Julie continued to work and create innovative pediatric hospice protocols with Ms. Walker until her passing in 2005.   In 1982 Julie worked together with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her groundbreaking  Death and Dying seminar series.

After nearly forty years, Julie passionately continues to volunteer and extend her special skills to nourish, protect and serve the children and families of Rosepetals.