Winter, 2020-2021

Thank you for your support!

Dear Ones, Friends of Rosepetals and Wonderful Clients!

For many months now we have been unable to visit the Babies in the hospitals due to the Corona Virus. But recently we returned to the wards and can once again directly assist our precious little on earth angels! We look forward to seeing all of you in person very soon and thank you so much for your loving and generous support.

Meet Alysa. Rosepetals is helping to provide housing while she receives treatments in NYC.

Julie's 45th Anniversary

I am celebrating a most happy 45th anniversary as hospice volunteer and Founder and Director of Rosepetals. It was unimaginable to me at its inception, I would be now looking back over four and a half decades of service to the most precious passing angels ever to have graced our world. It is indeed an honor I cherish.

I am humbled daily by their courage, joy, determination, and profound wisdom. They all teach me how to live with joy in the face of any obstacle. I wish you could all hear their squeals of delight while at play and their cries of pain when it hurts. Passing angels each and every one!

Amy was one of my very first Rosepetals hospice children. She passed from leukemia at the age of six. Amy was a genuine star and the greatest judge of character and loved Coco Chanel Perfume! Amy’s parents honored her memory by naming their very next child Coco J.

Ms. Evelyn

You may recall our fantastic little warrior Evelyn, who now is making up her gift list to Santa! Evelyn has recently completed spinal surgeries to insert a metal rod so she can stand by herself. Go Evelyn!

As we enter the Winter Holidays, we invite your consideration once again. Won’t you please help us with a donation so we can continue to assist these glorious passing angels and their valiant families?

Tax deductible donations may be made online or mailed directly to Rosepetals, Inc., 825 Bloomfield Ave., Verona, NJ, 07044

Love and Light,

Julie Alongi, Founder
Director, Rosepetals, Inc.