Pumpkin & Apple Time, 2018

Thank you for your support!

Greetings dear friends,

Crisp apples and Halloween pumpkin parties are delighting allof us in this beautiful fall season. Kids everywhere are planning how to dress up and scare the wits everyone and anyone! Rosepetal Kids too are all so excited to wear costumes and look as spooky as they can. Please remember our passing angels with a donation now and help create amazing smiles as they celebrate together glee!

A Very Special Thanks

Tom Maoli owner of Celebrity Motors Lexus of Whippany, NJ. Tom held a special giving program for Rosepetals and donated percentages of total car sales completed during the month of August to the Children! Bless you Tom and thank you to Melanie who helped so much with the photos and promotions.

Danny Update

Our handsome singular surviving Rosepetal Kid is getting his Masters degree from Montclair State. Congratulations Dan! Pretty cute, right girls?

Miss Evelyn Update

Dear Miss Evelyn is actually attending regular school classes. You are such a bright Star … GO GIRL!

Meet Joey

Our youngest volunteer at age 10! All the Rosepetal Babies love the Pittsburgh Steelers but no one more than Joey. He got to go to the Home game opener at Heinz Field. He was right down on the field near the Steelers bench. Boy did he have a great time! The Children think the world of our youngest spcial hospice volunteer. So do we. WE LOVE YOU JOEY!

Won’t you please remember our great kids in this time of harvest and thanksgiving with your donation, which are all of course tax deductible. Thank you so very much!

Love and Light